Luker has always strived to excel in the LED revolution and has become successful in creating a channel exclusive for our LED lights. We have succeeded in displaying the architectural lighting developed by our exclusive R&D team topping the field and ending up popular bestsellers. We bring you the lighting of the future.

The residential LED basket from Luker, is the new lifestyle creation solution. The LED lighting focuses on energy-saving and reliable lighting that protects homes and lives from electrical hazards. The aim is to create industrial lighting with reduced energy costs, and minimum environmental impact. Luker showcases high-efficiency industrial range providing a sustainable solution on cost-saving.


Industrial lighting is always a challenge due to high ceiling heights and large areas of lighting.

LED provides very compact High Bay solutions for all the industry needs. Different industries require varied type of lighting and also precision in visibility. Wide range of LED High Bay is solution for many industrial applications. Long life and easy maintenance provides lot of cost saving to industries other than energy saving on reduced power consumption.

We have design teams providing back-up solutions for complete industrial lighting.


Luker water heaters are the most important appliance in every household. They are built from high-grade stainless steel. The evacuated tube collector solar water heater is the most durable, sustainable and tough amongst others. They are made with highly advanced technology. It is equipped for high-efficiency absorption and usage of solar energy with minimum heat loss. The way solar water heaters work is easily decoded in the matter of heaters from Luker. When sunlight falls on the vacuum tube, it passes through the outer glass tube and strikes the outer surface of the inner glass tube with selective coating. The glass acts like a black body and absorbs radiation, and getting heated up eventually in the process. It prevents heat loss with the vacuum amidst the tubes while the inner tube transfers heat to water thereby heating it.
Luker presents a wide range of water heaters suited for various purposes from domestic to industrial. The solar water heaters are built with state-of-the-art technology giving them the best purpose of use with minimum heat loss. They are energy efficient and easy to use. They heat the water in a matter of minutes thus saving you the waiting time. There is a wide range of water heaters that help you select the one best suited or your family size and of course for your pockets.


Power, performance, comfort, safety, and durability adds to the elegance of the designer fans from Luker. As ceiling fans are an inevitable part of the Indian household, it is an important field of expertise that Luker has been able to harness. Along with energy efficiency, it adds to the style and exuberance of rooms and offices with their trendy designs. Easy to install, Luker ceiling fans come with a fit and forget proposition. Your selection of designer fans speaks for itself and helps you make an impression when people step into your room. Priced at rates that do not pinch your pockets, they are available online in a variety of designs. Make your house a comfortable home with the best ceiling fans from Luker.
There is no compromise on quality, performance and energy usage. It is built on technology with minimum energy use. It is high time you upgraded your home to the latest and trendy designer fan readily available with Luker. You can explore the wide range o ceiling fans with Luker in the comfort of your couch. At Luker, we innovate with the need of the hour. Rolling together the best technology and grand design, Luker brings the best designer fan in the market. We come with a range of premium ceiling fans that make your dream come true regarding home appliances.