Apex Series IE2 Motor

A Green Solution by CG…
CG has developed IE2 range of motors. We are the first in India to have an entire range of IE2 motors in safe area and flameproof construction. Subsequently, IS 12615:2004 also got revised and now its 2011 edition is inline with IEC60034-30

The Indian standard mentions following additional performance other than IEC60034-30
• Performance requirements in addition to efficiency.
• Breakaway torque
• Breakaway current
• Full load speed
• Full load current
Frame size designation

Apex Series IE2 Motor

Type: Three-phase squirrel-cage induction motors

Output: 0.37 kw to 630 kW*; 0.50 to 845 hp (According to IS 12615, IEC 60034-1, IS 325/1996)

Voltage: 415 V; 220 to 690 V

Duty: S1 to S8 acc. to IS: 12824

Ambient Temperature: 50 C; -20 C to 65 C

Altitude: Up to 1000 m, with Class F insulation

* IS 12615 specifies IE2 till 375kw.

Voltage : 415V+/-10% Frequency : 50Hz+/-5% Degree of Protection : IP55
Insulation Class : F Duty : Continuously Rated (S1) Ambient Temperature : 50’C

KW/HP: 0.18kW / 0.25hp – 470kW / 630hp
Pole/RPM: 2pole/3000rpm, 4pole/1500rpm, 6pole/1000rpm, 8pole/750rpm
Frame Size: GD63 – ND400LX
Mounting: B3 (Foot Mounted), B5 (Flange Mounted), B14 (Face Mounted), B35 (Foot cum Flange Mounted)
Efficiency Range: EFF1, EFF2, IE2, IE3


Special Voltages: 380V/400V/460/660V, Non standard Frequency: 60Hz, Forced Cooling, NEMA body Motors, Degree of protection: IP56/IP65/IP66, VFD suitable with VPI/IGT, Space Heaters, Epoxy Gel Coat, Anti-corrosion Paint, PTC Thermistors, RTD, extended shaft, special bearings, Terminal box position: LHS/TOP, Motors as per data sheets approved by NTPC, ONGC, EIL, MECON, UEM, BHEL, SAIL, etc. available on request.


Apex Series IE3 Motor

CG Apex series IE-3 motors are designed to fulfills the requirement of various applications they also comply to the requirement of IEC 60034:2008, the new harmonized international efficiency standards for three phase induction motors otor achieves the benefits by providing energy saving, higher levels of productivity, and extended lifetime operation with minimum maintenance.

Apex Series Cast Iron construction motor

Output 0.75 Kw to 7.5 kW
Frame PA 80 TO PA 132
Pole 2,4,6
Voltage 415 +/- 10%
Frequency 50 Hz +/- 10%

Apex Series Cast Iron construction motor

Output 0.37 Kw to 90 kW
Frame PC 80 TO PC 280
Pole 2,4,6
Voltage 415 +/- 10%
Frequency 50 Hz +/- 10%

Superior aesthetics
APEX series motors are having excellent aesthetics and designed in such a way that provide user with flexibility in the position of main terminal box; on top as standard or on left or right side of the motor as an option. In aluminum range motors( up to 7.5 kW) : By simply changing the position of the feet, user is able to convert right, left or top terminal box position and by changing the standard end shield user can change it for flange and face version.
Low vibration and low noise
APEX series motors are designed with and to have low vibration and noise , high torque with smooth acceleration throughout the life of the motors, these features makes our motors the most preferred choice for various industrial applications.

Inverter Duty application
APEX series motors are suitable for inverter duty applications*, our insulation system provides key benefit of increasing the dielectric resistance of the motor windings, enabling operation with variable frequency drives.
For protecting the motors from bearing currents a phenomena which is generally observed in frames IEC315 S/M and above, CG recommend/ provide insulated bearing for VFD compatible motors.

Flameproof Motor

CG offers wide range of low voltage Flameproof Squirrel Cage & Slip Ring electric motors for operation in hazardous and hostile environments, ranging from 0.37 kW to 355 kW. These Flameproof Motors are licensed by a European notified body (BASEEFA) and Indian notified body (ERTL/DGMS/DGFAS&LI).All relevant products fully comply with the requirements of the ATEX & CE Directives.
We also offer a complete range of Squirrel Cage Motors for Gas Group IIC. These motors are manufactured under most stringent quality control norms for IIC atmosphere and are duly tested at ERTL, Kolkata.

Flameproof Motor

Range 0.37 kW to 325 kW
Frame IEC 80 to 355 in cast iron
Mounting Foot / Flange / Face
Pole 2 to 8 Other on request
Frequncy 50 or 60 Hz
Ambient -20 to + 65 ° C Others on request
Protection IP 55 Other on request
Suitable for Gas Group I,IIA,IIB and IIC

Standard Motors are designed for foot mounting; other mountings are also available on request.
Standard Levels of enclosure protection for motor and terminal box is IP55. With IP56,IP65 and IP66 available on request
All Hazardous area motors (except for Gas Group IIC-available in TOP only) have terminal box on the RHS as standard. Top terminal box can be offered on request.
Standard Paint shade is anti corrosive epoxy light grey 631 as per IS-5, others are also available on request
The flame proof motors manufactured by CG are suitable for Temperature Class T4 as per IS 6381

Following accessories can be offered on request.
Space Heater
Insulated Bearing ( Frame IEC 200 and above)
Roller Bearing (Frame IEC 225 and above)
Encoder Mounting arrangement
MS/FRP Canopy
Double Compression Cable Glands

DC Brake Motor

CG is an established name synonymous with rotating machines. Our manufacturing unit located at Ahmednagar (Maharashra), India, manufactures DC motors up to 1500 kW.
Crompton Greaves Ltd, a name synonymous with rotating machines have DC Motors Technology inherited from SIEMENS, Germany, the pioneer and world leader in DC Motors. Today, Crompton Greaves offers an entire range of world class DC Motors. The motors are manufactured at Crompton Greaves Ltd. Ahmednagar factory, an ISO accredited set up having state – of – the – art manufacturing facilities. The high quality standards maintained in manufacturing and testing give superior electrical and mechanical features – making the motors most suitable for operating in tropical environments.

DC Brake Motor

Laminated Yoke Construction
Range 2.2 kW to 1500 kW
Frame IEC 100 to 630
Armature Voltage 440 V Others on request
Field Voltage 220 V Others on request
Excitation Type SHUNT/SERIES
Mounting Foot / Flange / Face
RPM 1500 RPM, Others on request
Protection I P 23 Others on request
Tacho Mtg provision DTG 400 Others on request
Insulation Class F upto 132, class H above 160

Fully Laminated Yoke construction offering excellent commutation:
Suitable for 6 pulse Thyristor power supply
Skewed rotor construction for ensuring low noise
VPI for armature winding for ensuring high insulation strength
High dynamic response
Compact, low weight and highly energy efficient product
Constant/Uniform Pressure Brush Holders
Easy fitting and retro-filling of filters

Crane Duty Motor

Crompton Greaves squirrel cage / slip ring Crane duty motors are specially designed for service on cranes and hoists. They can also be used for similar applications such as material handling equipments, and cranes of all types. These motors can serve as auxiliary motors in rolling mills or wherever intermittent duty drives are reqired.
These are duty type rated motors developing high starting torque with low starting current. The motors are suitable for frequent starts/ stops and reversals. Also rapid acceleration is achieved by high pull out torque / rotor inertia ratio.

Crane Duty Motor

Frame GD 63 to 225M
Mounting Foot
Pole 4,6, 8
Frequncy 50 or 60 Hz
Duty S3 / S4

Crane duty motors are used for following applications in majority:
Cranes &hoists: long travel drive, cross travel drive, main hoist, auxiliary hoist.
Material handling equipments: various conveyors
Rolling mills